Adair and Holland Families, and Adventures in South Carolina

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Adair and Holland Families
First South Carolina Cavalry
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My interest in family research and genealogy started with a manuscript that my mother gave me, a Holland and Adair Families genealogy, written by Mrs. Esther Holland Pitts, Clinton, SC 1967. I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Pitts for the fine foundation she laid for future researchers. All of my research beginnings go back to her booklet.

Esther Holland Pitts
1906 - 2006
age 100
died Thursday, December 14, 2006
News of Mrs. Pitts' passing left me feeling both sad and grateful.  Sad, in that I never had the opportunity to meet this great lady - and grateful, so grateful that she touched a stranger like me, and made me a part of her extended family.  Without her work and inspiration, none of my research would have been possible. 
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Mrs. Pitts led a full and productive life, and will be remembered fondly.

This site is dedicated in her memory.

All of the genealogy data here has been collected for personal, non-commercial use..

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the kind people I have met and/or corresponded with while compiling this information.  My goal is to pass that kindness on wherever I can.  These pages are a labor of love, in tribute to my ancestors, and for the preservation of this history for future generations. Thank you for visiting!!

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 Both Families, Adair and Holland

Military Service      Revolutionary War

Laurens County, SC 1825


   Little River Regiment          Kettle Creek          Waxhaws     

Huck's Defeat          King's Mountain          Cowpens


1st SC Cavalry      1st SC Memorials

Official Records 1      Official Records 2

Brandy Station 


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Just getting started on these paternal lines....

Leonetti                      Hawryluk

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Sellers                 coming soon, Falls line of North Carolina...         

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