The typewritten book that started all my research:
Holland-Adair Families
Esther Holland Pitts
Clinton, SC 1967

Adair History and Genealogy
Compiled, Edited, and Published by James Barnett Adair, MD
Los Angles 1924

Burying Grounds, Graveyards, and Cemeteries
Laurens County, SC
Volume One
Laurens District Chapter - South Carolina Genealogical Society
Published by Southern Historical Press
Release Date December 1, 1998
Hardcover book

Crumbling Defenses or Memoirs and Reminiscences of John Loagn Black, Colonel CSA
Edited and Published by Eleanor D McSwain     1958?

The South Carolina Upcountry, Volume 1
Historical and Biographical Sketches
E Don Herd, Jr
Paperback book

The Sack and Destruction of Columbia, SC
William Gilmore Simms
2000, reprinted from 1865

A Devil of a Whipping
The Battle of Cowpens
The real-life battle and heroes that inspired the movie The Patriot
by Lawrence E Babits
Paperback book

Images of America
Laurens County
by Libby Coates Rhodes and Carol McMahan Chambers
Paperback book

Laurens County
Enrollment Book of Confederate Veterans
Hardback book

James Williams:  An American Patriot in the Carolina Backcountry
by William T Graves
Paperback book

Adair's History of the American Indians
James Adair

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