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This page is dedicated to the memory of Anthony Holland of Anne Arundel County, MD


Many bits and pieces of Anthony's history have come to my attention or have been submitted to me by some of my Holland "cousins". I would like to list some of the "clues" here in order to provide Holland researchers with a list to work from. Any further information, sources, clarification, or personal theories for consideration are welcome and appreciated! Good luck, all!

From the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints Main International Genealogical Index 4.00--British Isles:

HOLLAND, Anthony
Father: Anthony HOLLAND
Mother: Elizabeth

Christening: 30 March 1641
Saint Nicholas, Deptford, London, England

Source Batch Number P001621

This information courtesy of Holland cousin Jim Rutherford

Anthony was possibly "transported" from Turo or Cornwall England/Wales or Virginia. Transported dosen't always mean they were a criminal. It just means that someone brought them to a certain place, usually paying their expenses that they worked off as would an indentured servant. Anthony was brought into Maryland from Virginia by Col. William.Burgess.(Annapolis Liber 24.3). When transported he must have been a mere lad. I have always interpreted this as meaning that when Burgess brought him to Md with him he was quite young. Back then the English especially used to put their sons with someone of prominence to train them for the future. This is what I feel happened here. I also feel that he was a Descendant of Gabriel Hollands line, but I will probably never be able to prove this. Cousin Margie from Maryland

Will from 1639 naming an Anthony HOLLAND as the husband of Mary RICHARDS and father of a Mary HOLLAND and an Anthony HOLLAND, Jr., from Suffolk, England.
Excerpts as follows:
Archdeconry of Suffolk 1639 page 365-366
RICHARD RICHARDS of Medham, 29 June 1639
...To ANTHONY HOLLAND of Metfield L25 and to his wife Mary L10, and to his son ANTHONY L5 and to his daughter MARGARITE L5, and to his daughter MARY who is testator's goddaughter, L10...
...To goddaughter MARY HOLLAND, daughter of ANTHONY HOLLAND, Senior, one feather bed, coverlet, and one posted bedstead, now in the possesion of testator's nephew JOHN RICHARDS of Fressingfield...All wearing linen and woolen to be equally divided by the executor between ANTHONY HOLLAND, THOMAS and WILLIAM RICHARDS, the sons of testator's brother ROBERT, immediately on testator's death...
Proven at Bungay 9 January 1639.

This information courtesy of Holland cousin Jim Rutherford

One source shows Anthony as arriving in America on 12/15/1658
Other sources for Anthony, wife & children:
Md Calendar of Wills-Baldwin Vol I, p128 Vol III p9
MD Gemological Records Vol 5 p 189
MD Genealogists Vol 8 p 402, 403
Will dated March 19, 1714
Will No 2 p226 (Abraham, son of Anthony)
The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy Yikus Vol 3, p 443 Vol 4 p 641

Anthony's first wife "unknown". They were married about 1672, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Dates attributed to children of this union (Elizabeth, John, Benjamin, Anthony) are prior to his marriage to Isabella Parsons.

Sources show Anthony buried in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I am trying to get a listing from Cousin Margie, which I will post when available. Margie also has this theory to offer:
My cousins and I are Researching the Descendants of OTHO HOLLAND SR. Also the Descendants of ANTHONY HOLLAND. The two lines are tied in thru a marriage of one of our HOLLAND-WILLIAMS ancestors and one of ANTHONY HOLLAND'S descendants. I personally feel that there is a tie further back probably in VA before they came to MD.
It has always been a puzzle to me that some of both line are buried in the same cemetery. Coincidence ???
We are willing to work with others researching these or any line connected to these. Margie in MD

A cousin has e-mailed me with this interesting information. Can anybody confirm or embellish on this info? Please drop me a note!

Has anyone found any connections between William Holland and Francis Holland? They were both Vestry men, and both seemed to have owned the plantation "Holland Hills" at one time.

William Holland was involved also in the transfer of a servant and her Mulatto child to Anthony Holland in 1698-9. Has anyone run across this before?

This information is courtesy of cousin and fellow researcher, Carole. Thanks Carole!

from: "St James'-Old Herring Creek Parish-- A history 1663-1799"
(page 19) after a short history of Colonel William Holland there is a footnote. It reads:
Francis Holland came up from York County, Va., to Anne Arundel County about 1656. He is listed in the early records as a Justice of the Anne Arundel County Court. He died in 1684, leaving a wife, Margaret, and two children, a daughter, Margaret and a son Francis. He left to his children a large landed estate most of which descended to his daughter, as his son Francis died in 1687 without issue. His wife married 2nd. between 1684 and 1691 Hugh Gill (See Vol. 1 pages 51, 173). Margaret, the daughter, married her distant kinsman William Holland. This marriage has led to confusion among historians and genealogists, some listing William as son of Francis 1, and William's wife as the daughter of Hugh Gill; clarification of this matter is found in William Holland's will (Baldwin, Vol.VI, page 234) and in Lord Baltimore's Rent Rolls, 1700-1707, found at the d. Hall of Records. Colonel William Holland's second wife was Elizabeth ???, executrix of his will.
"Holland's Hills," 190 acres, "to the westward of Herring Creek Bay," surveyed for Francis Holland 1 in 1663, was inherited by his son Francis Jr., who sold it to Richard Harrison in 1685; now known as "Holly Hill," there is on the property a very old and charming plantation house listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been conjectured that the old Herring Creek Church was on this Harrison land.

I will be adding all of my Anthony Holland leads as time permits. Stop back often!


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